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I have been reading fanfiction for probably 7 years now, [I'm just a youngen] and fhis is the best fanfiction I have ever read. I am so amazed, I have read all of what you have published so far and I am so excited for more. I have never been brought to tears from reading before until today, I am excited for more Henry's Guide to Death. I really don't want this to end. I want to see more of Stiles going back in time. I'm running out of words on here. This is just amazing! A M A Z I N G. Thank you

flamingobritty don’t be so nice to me. I am incapable of handling compliments and nice things

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oh gawd thank! Think I'm gonna adapt "Time-Traveller's guide to werewolves" but I should think a bit about how to put it to to make the Italian fandom appreciate it (at the moment it's a kinda messy group of fellas)... But thank you!! of course I'll contact you, credit the original one and I'll look for an english translator to put it on AO3 ^w^

Sure, just send me a link so I can share it with anyone interested

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omg I just found that time-traveller thing by chance and dAAmn, now I'm in love. Think it's definitely one of the best AUs I've ever ever found, I would be super duper frickin' happy to write a fic about it (btw I write in the Italian fandom) so, well, if you ever think of letting write on that work of art I would raise my little hand and move my lazy ass to put smt on the paper... Thank you for this unbelievable good thing, it made my day <3

Which part of the story would you like to adapt?

Actually now that you mention it, I am changing my stance on this and if anyone wants to write fanfic/art/etc based on the Time Travel series I’m saying go for it. All I ask is that if you do, that you send me a message first to tell me what you want to do, that you credit/reference the original story and provide me with links so that I can share with everyone

But other than that, I’m saying go crazy and have fun!image




“Here this is for you.”

Derek looked up at the seven year old kid standing in front of him, his arm outstretched and small toy rabbit in his chubby little hand.

“It’s my favourite toy but I think you need him more.” (x)


Is there a fic like this? I need there to be a fic like this.



This is from a fic

This is fanart for a fic from which I posted this (x)

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so basically he figured out how to stop time travelling and he's in love with derek idk

haha! thanks you summed up the story and countless hours of work in one sentence


yes but there’s a MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH
so decide if you want to leave your reading experience at WGTT or continue and find out what happens after WGTT
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OMG! so your A Time-Traveller’s Guide to Werewolves gif-fic is literally the greatest fic i have ever read!!! you must have put so much time and thought into the story! but my god it was worth it! it's a freekin' masterpiece!!! thank you for gracing the fandom with this beauty!


psst there’s a sequel ;) 

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Thanks for making me cry over my bagel. Reading part 39 hit me hard. *squish hug* Great job on it! <3

But Pt39 was happy though so I hope they were happy tears :) 

I love bagels *yum*

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I just read the story, I couldn't stop reading!! IT'S AWESOME!!! CHAPEAU!! ^^

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Title: Time Traveller’s Guide to Werewolves


The first time Derek meets Stiles, he is four and Stiles is twenty-eight.
The first time Stiles meets Derek, he is seven and Derek is sixteen.

Characters: Stiles Stilinski; Derek Hale; Scott McCall; Doctor Deaton; Hale family members inc Laura Hale, Mama Hale; Peter Hale

Tags: Sterek; Time Travel; gif-fic